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Hand-Pick The Right Color Contacts

Catchy eyes can unveil one’s personality. Like other accessories you match with your dress, don’t you wish to have a make-over for your eyes? Changing the color of eyes that goes well with your dress is the on-going trend of these days. When a wide variety of color lenses are showcased in the market or at the optician’s showrooms, one would like to give a shot of them. A color lense is capable enough to uplift your feature. With varied colors available in the stores, give your eyes a subtle, dramatic, or a confident look matching the occasion.

Many people use lenses during the interview and job training also. One of my friend was recently trying to get into Indian Railway services and was invited for interview at RRB Chennai for the final rounds for some technical post which he found at a blog named Career logiq with details of the job in Chennai RRB. Since he was so interested in Indian railway jobs, he tried and got successful.

Before applying a color lense, know how to choose the right color contacts to go with your eyes and personality.  When you select a color lense, keep in mind the frequency of wearing a lense and the use of a lense. Is it for a daily use or only for special occasions? A natural light color is the best fit for a daily wear; whereas, cherry-pick dark colors for your party and functions.

Tips To Follow:

A) Cherry-pick the color contacts as per your skin tone. Get your hands on the light colors to have an effective touch on your eyes. To have a sexy glint in your eyes, go for smoky colors such as amethyst or autumn to complement the overall countenance.

B) Hand-pick dark hues that will give a profound touch to your eyes for people with fair complexion. Turquoise or aqua could be your best pick.

C) For tanned-complexion people, the color preference should be bright that would glint your eyes. Opt for honey color to have a warm glow or a misty grey for a seductive look to your eyes.

Let your eyes shine with olive color lens.  Try out colorful hues and make the heads turn at you.